Thursday, December 04, 2008

Arianna Huffington says I am not doing this right

I'll be completely honest here; I've heard of Arianna Huffington and I know I'm supposed to know exactly who she is and why she's important but I really don't. That applies to a lot of people whose names I can't think of right now, world leaders and such. I'm pretty sure Arianna Huffington is not one of those. I am aware that in spite of her name she is not a character on a soap opera, married to a wealthy shipping magnate named Oliver Von or Laurence Van while secretly having an affair with a rogue playboy named Lance Mustang.

I do know that she runs a website called The Huffington Post, which is sort of an online newspaper consisting of blog feeds. She was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night discussing the topic of blogging and, well, apparently I'm going about it incorrectly.

  • "Don't overthink. Don't overwrite."

  • "(Blogging is) a first draft of history."

  • "Blogging is not about perfectionism."

  • "Blogging is about intimacy, immediacy and transparency."

Wow. Well, believe it or not, I actually do put a lot of thought into most of what goes up here. I try to take the time to correct my spelling, punctuation and grammar. I certainly don't think I'm chronicling any kind of significant "history" but I will at least do some cursory research on a topic before I publish an opinion on it. I also think I owe it to the people who take time to read this stuff to at least be coherent most of the time. I try to stay away from impulsive, mundane, self-centric observations unless there's some sort of entertainment value in them. Probably less than half of what I sit down to write actually gets posted for the all the reasons listed above.

I'll just add this whole blogging thing to the pile of stuff I do wronglyish.

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Wildhair said...

I'm probably blogging wronglyish, too.