Friday, December 05, 2008

I call shenanigans

You might have seen this heartwarming video before. It's been around a while:

Yeah. That's terrific.

These guys kick their beloved pet lion out of their apartment, make him live in the woods and upon re-connecting for the first time a year later, they're greeted warmly with hugs and kisses. Meanwhile, my friends can't even be bothered to answer my calls or reply to my emails.
Granted, if I were my friends, I wouldn't call me back either. In fact, I've already ignored two voice mails from myself just this week. I'm hoping I get the hint eventually, give up and leave me alone. Whatever it is I want can't possibly be that important.
The point is, I don't feel that this is fair and therefor, reject its authenticity. In this era of i-this, Google that, Wiki whatever, it should be very easy to prove this whole thing as a hoax. I'm sorry, a story this nice simply can't be true...

Well, shit.

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