Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Is Over (If You Want It)

(This is in C, if you're singing along)
So this was Christmas
And what did I do'd?
Sat in my apartment
And ate Chinese food

And so this was Christmas
Without any cryin'
Caught up on old re-runs
Of Conan O'Brien

(This is the part where my Japanese girlfriend, an off-the-wall avant-garde conceptual artist who would absolutely refuse to wear a school girl's uniform no matter what, would join in...if I had one)
A semi-Merry Christmas
Crack open a beer

Let's try to get excited
About a Happy New Year

(me again)
And so this was Christmas
Guess I'll take down the tree
Or just leave it up all
year for the neighbors to see

I'm almost that lazy
And I could start a new trend
What do you think, Japanese
conceptual artist girlfriend?

(She would sing in Courier for some reason. I don't know why)
Everybody loves a freak show
That's why we are here
But that idea is stupid
Without merit, I fear

(Children's choir joins in...)
Christmas is over
Quit your whin-ing
Get off your ass
Do some shop-ping
(repeat until you feel utterly compelled to get up and go to Best Buy)


Gadzooks64 said...
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Gadzooks64 said...


She seems nice but I think you can find one that will wear the school girl outfit.

Just sayin.