Thursday, December 11, 2008

Google & the iPhone are conspiring to extinguish the flame of wonderment

"Well, here we are alone on this tropical beach. A warm salt breeze, the gentle lapping of the surf. And just look at that magnificent full moon above! Darling, do you suppose it's possible that two lovers such as us are strolling along the Seine in Paris, holding hands and gazing upon this very same glorious moon at this very same moment in time?"

"Hold on a sec...(*BEEP*BOOP*BOOP*BEEP*BOOP*) Nope."


Kinyalli said...

That's about right, right there. Nothing sucks the life out of any conversation faster than some smug iPhone user "whipping it out" every time a question is asked.

JPFDeuce said...

I know there is hyperconnectivity like that going on (Twitter, facebook status messages, researching things on Google from your phone when out and about) but it's been ongoing for a while. I mean, people taking phone calls during dates -- and I don't mean ones set to end a date on purpose -- or people text messaging while they are out with friends. It's like we don't just get satisfaction from social contact, we need additional, intimate social contact and information.