Wednesday, April 15, 2009

T is for Tampa Party!

Tampa hosted one of those Tea Parties that took place all over the nation Wednesday. I didn't plan on going but I happened to wind up downtown to run some errands so I went for a little while. Once I found out it was a bullhorn friendly zone, I went back to the car and got mine. What's that? Oh yes...I have a bullhorn. I stood near the back and announced, "I have a dream! And a web site, where I make fun of things like this rally." I got some dirty looks and also some high fives from some crunchy granola types who were lurking there along the fringe (not sure why exactly; if this had been their rally, I'd be making fun of them too) but didn't get into any confrontations. Which is good because A) I had things to do and B) I'm a coward.
I don't have much else to say because I feel like all the teabag and various other testicle related jokes have been used. Even FreedomWorks Foundation (the group behind these things) spokesman Adam Brandon got in on that action when he said, "We know of about 600 (similar events) around the country today, and that's low-balling it." So I'll just leave you with a stimulating package of pictures I took while I was there.

There haven't been this many pissed off white people in one place in the Tampa Bay area since the Lightning were mathematically eliminated from playoff consideration.

Geez, look at the idiot there on the right. Hey guy, if you're going to make a sign and hold it up in public for everyone to see, you might want to make sure...hold on...actually that is grammatically correct. Never mind.

"This is the part of the rally where we all turn around and face the other way, but we don't tell Brian. Hilarious! Shh! Hurry up, turn around, before he figures out what's going on!"

3 Girls, 5 Signs
The second one from the right is 100% correct. You know who else wouldn't take this crap? House, Spongebob Squarepants and every other fictional character on television.

YEAH!!! Wait...what now?

Nice to see the folks from the Plan Ahead Department were able to make it out.

I took a picture of this one because it was pretty. The lady who made it was very nice. She offered me a piece of hard candy. I asked her if she made the sign after dropping acid while listening to a Pink Floyd album in a room with a black light bulb. She smiled and said, "excuse me?" and I said, "I thought so" and politely declined the candy.

Not far away, the moderates let their feelings be known through stickers pasted on the back of an H2. I'm not sure Buddha would shoot a sex predator, but I'm not a Buddhist so what do I know?


Anonymous said...

Nobody is porking the guy wearing Crocs and white ankle socks.

Robin 'Roblimo' Miller said...

I hit the Sarasota teabag party and talked to some of the participants. Video here:

The coolest sign was the one that talked about slavery. My (black) wife thought it was kind of nuts, but I made no comment about it. "I report, you decide," and all that.

ChrisC and JonJ said...

Notice the Hummer has a Gator bumper sticker.Wonder if UF is embarrassed?

Dave said...

awesome photos! thanks.

The Mayor said...

STOP PORKING ME!!!!! i need that sign.

Auntie Joan said...

A story within a story ? Your first photo shows what looks to be the flat-bed hauler of the Repo Man about to pick up the shiny red truck of a protester perhaps? That had to add a little excitment to the 'party' !