Thursday, April 30, 2009

What to do, what to do...

It's almost 5:00AM and any second the phone is going to ring. I told The 23-Year-Old that I would take her to the airport early this morning. The problem is, I can't decide what to do when she calls...

  • Pretend I'm still asleep: "Huh? I thought you were joking. I'm still in bed."
  • Tell her I'll be right down, but I'll actually already be down there, where I will jump out from between parked cars wearing a halloween mask.
  • Ask her if she minds that I'm not getting dressed just for a quick jaunt to the airport and when she says "you mean dressed up?" say "No..."
  • Not answer the phone. At all.
  • Not answer the phone. At all. Call her three hour later and say "How was the flight?"
  • Not answer the phone, watch as she gives up, leaves, and then call her 20 minutes later and say "I'm at your apartment! What the hell!"
  • Not answer the phone and be lying face down in the street when she pulls in.
  • Tell her "Come on up! Flapjacks are almost ready! Can't fly without flapjacks!" refuse to come down until she comes up and eats at least one. Not answer the door after she reluctantly agrees. Let her hear me inside, enjoying delicious flapjacks.

Decisions, decisons. I should have put some thought into this last night.

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Jessie said...

"you mean dressed up?" say "No..."