Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nothing to see here, folks

This is a trailer to promote something called "The Glenn Beck Comedy Tour"

Are there...um, any jokes? Because I don't see any here. Seriously. I'm not trying to make a political statement. I just didn't see any jokes. On most comedy tours, something funny happens. I didn't even see any attempt to be funny in this clip. I'm not a fan of Jay Leno, because I don't think he's funny, but at least I know when he's trying. If I saw an ad for "The Jay Leno Comedy Tour", there would be jokes that I wouldn't laugh at but there would be jokes.

All we get here is Glenn Beck referring to himself as "crazy" and sort of implying something wacky will happen and there are shots of him being animated on stage, wearing a "got milk?" tee shirt. Is that the crazy wackiness he's talking about? Because this kind of seems more like a character Fred Willard would play in a Christopher Guest movie about an unfunny person who thinks they are a comedian than, you know, an actual comedian. Buying a ticket to a "comedy tour" based on this trailer makes about as much sense to me as patronizing a steakhouse whose ads don't even show you a picture of a cow.

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