Tuesday, July 14, 2009

If the spirit moves you...

Bathroom graffiti is the original Twitter and is as popular today as it was the first time somebody scrawled "what are you looking up here for? The joke is in your hand". You don't need an account. Just a pen or sharp object, some kind of surface to write or draw on and a few minutes of free time, while you're presumably taking care of other business.
I'm not a practitioner myself. For as much as I run my yapper, one place I don't feel the need to express an opinion is in the men's room. But I'll never say never. Who knows when (and what) inspiration may strike?
This picture was taken in the men's room at my neighborhood Sweetbay supermarket (and no, I don't normally make a point of bringing a camera with me into public restrooms, it's just that I happened to have the camera when I went in there and...oh, shut up). Not only did somebody feel the need to gouge "GOD ALMIGHTY" (underlined) into a paper towel dispenser, but somebody also felt the need to testify with an "AMEN!" (underlined) gouged in below. I'm guessing this was a spiritual declaration. Someone's love for the Lord is so powerful that they feel the only way to express is it to deface property in a men's room. Who knows when (and what) inspiration may strike?

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