Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Happiness comes in many forms...

There's watching puppies play happy.
There's having the owner pick up your tab happy.
There's finding a $10 bill in an old pair of jeans happy.
And then there's finding out someone you despise so much that you frequently fantasize...in slow motion...about spin-kicking them into a high-speed turbine was arrested for third degree grand theft the night when they told everyone they were in the hopsital happy.
I only feel bad that I don't feel bad...and I don't feel all that bad about that.


Marissa said...

Heh. I used to have similar thoughts about someone who worked with me. she went bye bye and now my fantasies of tapping her with my front bumper, hard, and backing up to see if she was OK as she walked across the parking lot have ceased.

The Mayor said...

hahahahahaa....oh your t-shirt is going to be AWESOME.