Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A return to acting!

I just finished shooting a small part in a short film that will be used in a performance art installation being presented by Ellen Mueller. I can't tell you much about it...because I don't know very much about it...other than I play a time travelling bear impersonator.
In doing research for this particular role, I did not need to live in the woods and eat berries and honey. I'm not playing a real bear, after all. Merely a bear impersonator, one who time travels. In order to get a feel for that, I set all of the clocks in my apartment to different times. This allowed me to leave my bedroom on Sunday morning and arrive in the kitchen later that evening. Oddly enough, the future wasn't all that different, except it was light out. I think that will be difficult to adjust to. Presumably, wearing sunglasses at night will be standard procedure for everyone in the future, not just paparazzi-dodging celebrities. I had been hungry for a bowl of cereal when I started my journey and was surprised that I still wanted it when I arrived at my destination. I thought I would have still been full from whatever I'd had for dinner but I wasn't. Maybe I didn't eat dinner that night. Or maybe I just had cereal, which is what I did later that night. Only then, it was dark out. Maybe my time travel altered something in the universe that had prevented the sun from setting, in which case you're welcome. I don't know what E = MC2 has to do with any of this though. I think Einstein was full of crap.

The installation will be performed live on Tuesday, February 17th at the University of South Florida's Oliver Gallery/Grad Fine Art Studios and then will be released into the wilds of YouTube afterwards. I'll link to it here when that happens.

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The Mayor said...

dang son! you are so gonna be famous!