Sunday, March 13, 2011

Muffin update: a plateau

Nothing new to report, as in no activity. I figured weekends would be tough. Plus, we lost an hour last night, didn't we? Shit. Oh well. Undaunted, we press on.
What say we break up the monotony of me banging on the begging drum with a little story about what happened to me at the drive-thru window at a local restaurant of a certain national fast food chain that rhymes with Schmackschmonald's:

CUSTOMER: I'd like a number one with a Coke, please.
DRIVE THRU: A number one and a what?
CUSTOMER: A number one and a Coke.
DRIVE THRU: A number one and a what?
ME (from the passenger side of the vehicle, as I am still without a vehicle of my own): A COKE!! Damn!

Seriously, what was the problem? He got the number one part right. Over and over again. How could he not recognize the word "Coke"? What do they have on the menu that even has a long "O" sound like the word "Coke"? Filet-O-Fish? Choseburger?
  • I'd like a number one and that's no joke.
  • I'd like a number one and I'm stoked!
  • I'd like a number one for the pope.
  • I'd like a number one and I don't smoke.
  • I'd like a number one made of soap.
  • I'd like a number one with egg yolk.
  • I'd like a number one and to see you hanging from a rope.
  • I'd like a number one, you jamoke.
  • I'd like a number one but I'm broke.
Actually, it could have been that last one.

Anyway, back to the task at hand...please donate if you have not already done so, or if you'd just like to again because it's just that much gosh-darned fun to do so. A little, a lot, it all adds up. Also, please help spread the word. It's for a good cause and it's so sincerely appreciated, I can't even tell you. Go to yesterday's post to see what's in it for you (good stuff, I promise)!


Jeff Hickmott said...

A number one wearing a cloak? A number one, you old goat? A number one and my hands wrapped round your throat? A number one and I don't vote?

Why, it's Clark! said...

A number one and make me bloat.