Monday, March 07, 2011

Rethinking the Sheen

A couple of days ago, I threw something out here about Charlie Sheen that was kind of dismissive because I didn't really care but felt I needed to jump on the bandwagon. I still don't care and at this point, I could really do without somebody interjecting a reference to Tiger Blood or "WINNING!" (with or without the "Duh") into every single conversation. But after listening to all the stuff he's saying, which is impossible to avoid since he and ongoing conversation about him is everywhere, I have to say I think he's right. Oh sure, I still think he's an asshole. But that's just my opinion and it doesn't make him wrong.
Consider the context: I really can't sit around my crummy apartment in my underwear, eating SpaghettiOs out of the can, counting the hours until I have to go back to work, watching news coverage on basic cable of a guy who has millions of dollars, does whatever he wants, whenever he wants, surrounded by people who seem to love him and say, "Oh yeah, now there's somebody who needs to get his life together", can I? People, my Christmas tree is still up!
Whether or not we agree with the lifestyle choices the man makes, and whether or not those choices ultimately prove unwise are incidental. It would seem to me that he is in complete control of his life. And if that's not WINNING, well, what the hell is?


RottenMom said...

He's winning all right. No way to avoid him, which in my book makes him a very wackadoodle AND a very smart man.

Your Christmas tree!!!?

Dawn Morgan Elliott said...

The guy is perhaps the winningest of all losers. If Charlie is winning, the game he's playing in only has room for one.

In terms of our materialistic culture, yes he's successful because he has stuff and can buy people. But no one actually likes him. You have true friends Clark. I'll gladly host a spaghetti-o's eatin' undies party in your honor.

Marissa said...

You're right. He's never been even a bit timid about being Charlie Sheen. He's male. People will forgive him and he'll keep getting richer.

Why, it's Clark! said...

Yes, RM, my tree is still up. It's artificial, but as it turns out, so was my Christmas.

Dawn, yesterday I had to catch a bus with a bag full of wet clothes to a laundromat because both my car and the dryers at my apartment complex are broken. I know that's more of an inconvenience than a crisis, I'm just saying I wouldn't mind trading problems with Chuck for a day or two.

And Marissa, you're probably right; the fact that he's a he certainly isn't hurting him.