Thursday, March 10, 2011

Muffin update: the onslaught begins

Okay, after one day of a newly re-energized Campaign To Have A Muffin Named After Me At Tre Amici @ The Bunker And Defeat Cancer In The Process, Or Vice-Versa If That Makes You Feel Better (or CTHAMNAMTA@TBADCITPOVVITMYFB for short) the total stands at...
As I mentioned previously, the pace needs to be about $33.64 a day to hit the magic mark of $1500 in time for Relay...AND WE PICKED UP $35 YESTERDAY! WOOOOOOOO!!
Do you believe in muffins? Yes!!
As promised, I now owe a full blog post dedicated to the whims of Miss Riss, the Pride of Kankakee, and I will make good on that promise as soon as she shares with me what exactly her whims be (that sounds a little dirty, but I'm okay with it). In the meantime, it's another day, another $33.69. So once again, let's get after it, everybody. Please donate what you can. Seriously, a single dollar donation is appreciated (multiple dollars are appreciated more, but I ain't turnin' down nothin'). If you've already donated, or you just can't for whatever reason, then just spread the word. There are free blog posts and a gift basket of delicious muffins at stake, in addition to fighting cancer, of course. As for me, I'm posting every day...every, single, stinkin' more of this three-days-a-week crap, that's how serious I am about this...until the goal is met or the April 15 deadline gets here, whichever comes first. So if you want to shut me up early or just not see me sad a month from now, you'd better get to clickin', chicken.

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MissRiss aka Marissa said...

My whims ... Oy!
I like my men like I take my coffee: steamy hot and artificially sweet (I use Stevia).
Uh, send me a questionnaire?