Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Much ado about Charlie

A while back, I wondered aloud if the degree of sensitivity applied to the chronicling of the personal problems of celebrities might be influenced by gender bias. Turns out the answer is a big, fat "NOPE!". If I wasn't sure after the Mel Gibson fiasco, the ongoing saga of Charlie Sheen vs. Chuck Lorre, CBS and losers with ugly wives and children everywhere has obliterated all doubt.
I don't have much to say about the situation but felt it needed to be included in this blog because...well, just to keep up with everybody else. I don't really have an opinion on his behavior. I don't particularly care for his tv sitcom. Depending on to whom he's talking (or what he had for breakfast or who knows: what), he doesn't either....although he still wants to get paid more for doing it. I don't know...or care...if he's on anything. Maybe he is perfectly clean and sober. Maybe he is just an asshole.
At any rate, in the event that you're not sick to death of hearing his name by the time you read this, here are three fun sites you can visit to drag out the experience just a little longer...


RottenMom said...

Ha! Keeping up with everyone else! I don't particularly care for him or his sitcom either. I think he probably is just one big asshole.

ChrisC said...

I just like watching him make a total ass of himself.