Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Muffin update: bracket madness

Stop fighting! We all love muffins!
OVERRATED: Robot fight. UNDERRATED: Restaurant fight.
Just kidding; a robot fight could never be anything but awesome, and therefor un-overrate-able. Especially when the restaurant fight doesn't involve the use of food as a weapon. Or even the proprietors of the restaurants. But the battle between voters in Creative Loafing's Breakfast Bowl (presumedly patrons of the establishments "competing" against one another) is pretty friggin' awesome in itself. Damn, we are an angry, angry lot of people! It's breakfast, folks. Have an egg dish, a cup of coffee, sit back and relax. It might be a good idea to get something with some bran in it. Just sayin'.
Anywho, our favorite establishment Tre Amici @ The Bunker in Ybor City made it all the way into the last eight restaurants standing before losing to a place called Three Coins (which, honestly, is my kind of breakfast place; putting the greasy in 'greasy spoon') and they did so while maintaining a sense of humor and a humble appreciation for the support they recieved. Of course, true class is what you would expect from an establishment that is going to honor someone like me (specifically: me) by adding a muffin named in my honor to their menu...once we hit this goal of $1500 for the American Cancer Society.
Besides, the tournament is a sham; everybody knows the best breakfast in town can be found at the Village Inn on Dale Mabry, just north of Kennedy. Dumbasses.

OR MAIL CHECKS AND/OR MONEY ORDERS (payable to The American Cancer Society) TO ME AT:

3655 Coopers Pond Drive, #202,
Tampa, FL, 33614

And if you'd like to RSVP for the Muffinquest party at Tre Amici, you can do so here.

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Jessie said...

eeEEEeee! Just saw this. You rock, Clarkness. :)