Saturday, March 12, 2011

Muffin update: endless #FFriday

Today was a little slow. As in no activity during the day. Probably understandable, considering the events taking place in Japan (prayers to those people; I am now officially afraid of the planet Earth). So when I got home, I whipped up one of my famous themed Follow Friday (or #FF) campaigns on Twitter, which is used to promote people who should be followed by other Twitter users. This one is titled "Mu #FF inquest" and is dedicated solely to those who support the ongoing effort...

"Mu #FF inquest: @yborbunker @citizenjaney @RottenMom @jeffie2k @MarissaRapier @lunar456 That's it. Very exclusive club...for now. Join us!"

I'm going to keep this going, regardless of the day of the week. It's always Friday somewhere, right? No? It isn't? Well, shut up. I'm doing it anyway.
So here is your updated list of incentives to participate if you have not done so already:
  • Strike a blow in the fight against cancer
  • Help me get a muffin named after me at Tre Amici @ The Bunker in Ybor City
  • Earn chances to win a gift basket of the delicious muffins once the goal of $1500 is achieved (and it will be achieved)
  • Get your very own exclusive blog post dedicated to you and any subject you like right here on this very blog (for donations of at least $33.69)
  • Receive special recognition for your efforts on Twitter via Mu #FF inquest 

Say, there's a lotta action on that money! What gives, bub?
Oh, and speaking of updates...
That's right, following the Twitter blast at the end of the day, we netted another $27 (thanks to Citizen Janey, a multiple contributor...yes, that is absolutely, positively allowed). Not bad at all!

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