Friday, March 11, 2011

Muffin update: making progress

Okay folks, here's where we stand after yesterday's cancer' fightin, muffin namin' after me action:
That's an increase of $60, which is well ahead of the daily pace of $33.64 needed to reach the ultimate goal of $1500.00 by April 15th. In a word, that is AWESOME!
"I love the smell of muffins in the morning. Smells like...what is that, blueberry? Yummers!"
Yesterday's heroics were provided by two superstars:
  • Jeff Hickmott, the hilarious rogue behind The World of Jeff and The Food of Jeff
  • The much more refined and respectable (I'm sorry, Jeff, but everyone knows it's true though; you and I. we're bounders) yet no less incredible Crystal
They've done their part (and I owe Crystal a blog post) so who's going to take their place? Is it you? Well, why the $#%@ not? Do something good for people and let me say something good about you in public! Don't you want the whole world to know you're not a dink (at least when it comes to stepping up and  fighting cancer)? Of course you do! It doesn't have to be a lot of money; seriously, I will happily welcome a single $1 donation if that's all you can spare. Heck, if we get enough of those, I'll throw a muffin slumber party where we all lay around in big, fluffy canopy bunk beds made of muffins, having muffin pillow fights, doing each other's hair with muffins and then turning out the lights and telling muffin ghost stories while cancer is home alone, making up stories about its imaginary girlfriend in Canada.

She lives in Winnipeg and she's the lead singer in a band.

Spread the word, people. We're over 20% there. We can do this!

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Jeff Hickmott said...

"Hilarious rogue" - Clark, you slay me! Seriously matey, I take that as a compliment. I may even have to have cards printed up that say "Jeff Hickmott - hilarious rogue" on them.