Friday, March 18, 2011

Muffin update: still more interactivity for you

The folks at Tre Amici @ The Bunker in Ybor City are busy, busy people. In addition to eventually giving me what is rightfully mine some time sooner than later (namely, a muffin namely named after me, once we hit this goal of $1500 for the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life), they're also in competition to be crowned Tampa Bay's best breakfast joint. It's a tournament, bracket style, and it's being put on by Creative Loafing. As you may be aware, Creative Loafing's competitions are nasty, vicious affairs that destroy personal relationships forever and least when I'm involved.
A certain person whose name shall not be mentioned with whom I don't exchange Christmas cards or dreidels or whatever since the last contest
And I'm involved in this one now. So please click here to vote for Tre Amici in this second round battle versus The Refinery, an establishment which I've yet to visit personally but have no reason to believe is anything less than excellent, but for the sake of what we've got going on over here, we'll pretend that they're just a shade not. If Tre Amici wins, it will (hopefully) bring more attention to our cause here. Regardless, all of this shameless cross promotion should result in a little "scratch-my-muffin, I'll-scratch-yours" reciprocation in terms of publicity which will eventually pay off in donations. I'm looking at you (among others), Joran Slane Oppelt, Marketing & Promotions Director at Creative Loafing!
Hey, I'm fightin' cancer over here, bub!
So again, click here to vote for Tre Amici. It doesn't cost a thing...unlike Muffinquest, where, make no mistake, we're all about taking your money (although is is for a good cause...honestly).

OR MAIL CHECKS AND/OR MONEY ORDERS (payable to The American Cancer Society) TO ME AT:
3655 Coopers Pond Drive, #202,
Tampa, FL, 33614

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